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About: STROBE-MR stands for “Strengthening the Reporting of Observational Studies in Epidemiology using Mendelian Randomization”. Inspired by the original STROBE checklist, the STROBE-MR guidelines were developed to assist researchers in reporting their Mendelian randomization studies clearly and transparently. Adopting STROBE-MR should help readers, reviewers, and journal editors evaluate the quality of published MR studies.

The STROBE-MR checklist contains 20 items recommended to address in reports of Mendelian randomization studies.

The Statement document describes the process of developing the checklist and the complementary Explanation and Elaborations document.

The Explanation and Elaboration document explains the items of the STROBE-MR checklist, along with their rationale and examples of transparent reporting.

All documents and publications produced by the STROBE-MR Initiative are open-access and available for download on this website.